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know anyone in south carolina? help...

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had to move from ny / nj few months ago..to columbia south carolina for work reasons...havent been able to find anything that even resembles a club, lounge, afterhours, let alone anything wit a dj...they havent even heard of them down here....just duelin banjos...etc.....if you know anyone or whatever...would appreciate a hollah...or a connection...might be able to clue me in...

[email protected]

AIM: straightlu



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Originally posted by deanna11:

why are you posting here? seattle is in washington state, which is on the west coast. you know, like california. besides, there's no one in seattle except that one guy, bill gates, and NY people

hey....thanks for that...what was i thinkin?....no one in seattle knows anyone anywhere else .... kinda strange... just cant figure out how i know tons of kids from seattle...and los ang...and dallas...maybe you could share some more of your great intellect....dont get out much do you?

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