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What a stupid thread. I will fix this.

Central High School principal is a huge Yankees fan - his entire office is covered and I mean COVERED in yankees memorabilia including a life size cardboard replica of Derek Jeter. A couple of students stole some yankees bear from his office and left a ransome note (in funny cut out letters of course).....

Dear mR. So aNd sO- If yOu evEr wanT to seE yOur bEar agaIn.....

and told him that he had to wear a red sox tshirt to the pep rally on friday and announce that the red sox are a better team then the yankees and nomar is better than jeter :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Red Sox fans rule! :D

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Hold on a minute here, slow down, way down... First off post for a few more months either that or read the forums then reply to this thread. We've had the most fucking retarded people from Jerz posting on here ripping on the Sox for years now, in fact a Yankees fan started this stupid thread. When have you ever seen a person from Boston over on the Jerz board threatening people and saying stuff about the Yankees? You must the stupidist person in the world, someone give this kid the stupidist poster of the year award....:rolleyes: Like K said fuck off!:mad:

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