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So that show just makes me mad. I would love to take a massive dump on that bitch Toni's head. These fucking people are so whacked that they all told off those 4 like they owed them something. Hey, guess what you lost, its a game deal with it you fucks!

If I was on that show, of course I would back stab people that is the point of the fucking show.

Stymie, ur boy is so tuff that he had to pound his fist on that box to make a point.


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as much of a rat dave turned out to be, he still deserved th money... more than charla. charla did nothing, dave vouched for her and carried her through the whole show. keith and tara definately shouldnt take those cunts to vegas either.

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That Toni is such a fucking bitch, going in there to tell her not to give him money.

As much of a tool he is, u gotta give it to the fucknut he made it all that way being a tool. Charla is a cunt.

Fuck I would give the other half away, I would like to keep it. But I look at it this way, I went there with shit, get to leave with 125. Fuck it that's cool for me, unless it was Stymie then I would wave it in his face and say fuck off

Look at this trator -->http://www.naughtybooth.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=44323

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