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aint no half steppin'...


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...i should have bought that fix-a-flat last night when i saw the sensor come on and put air in the tire...but whatever man...i live in a nice quiet hood and i have a body that works...took me like 15 minutes to pop on the donut...turns out there was a big fat screw in my tire...lol...

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Rappers stepping to me they want to get some

But I’m the Kane, so yo, you know the outcome

Another victory

They can’t get with me

So pick a BC date cause you’re history

I’m the authentic poet to get lyrical

For you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracle

And, stepping to me, yo that’s the wrong move

So what you on, Hobbs, dope or dog food?

Competition I just devour

Like a pitbull against a Chihuahua

Cause when it comes to being dope, hot damn

I got it good, now let me tell you who I am

The B-I-G D-A-double D-Y K-A-N-E

Dramatic, Asiatic, not like many

I’m different, so don’t compare me to another

Cause they can’t hang, word to the mother

At least not with the principal in this pedigree

So when I roll on you rappers, you better be

Ready to die because you’re petty

You’re just a butter knife, I’m a machete

That’s made by Ginzu, wait until when you

Try to front, so I can chop into

Your body, just because you try to be basing

Friday the 13th, I’mma play Jason

No type of joke, gag, game, puzzle or riddle

The name is Big Daddy, yes Big not little

So define it

Here’s your walking papers, sign it

And take a walk

As the Kane start to talk, cause...

oh wait, it wasn't a Big Daddy Kane quote. . .but "ain't no half steppin' " the name of one of his best songs, and the lyrics above are part of it. . . beautiful flow.

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No shit...there is rarely a good fall here. I love the change of the seansons & the cool crisp weather but it just goes from summer to winter here, no fall...and Halloween is always really shitty!

I got up the last 2 morings & I had to scrap the windows on my car before work..WTF:mad:

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