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If you like Sasha, you'll LOVE this track!

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Ok, if you like the kind of trance that DJ's like Sasha or Dave Seaman might spin, then you should have a listen to BIPOLAR - "Matrose". It's a deep journey into the melodic side of trance - not the cheesy epic side of trance. It's not for everybody, but if you do like the deep, journey style of trance, then this track just might do it for you.

We put this track out on the independent UK site "BT", and have already been contacted by several record companies who have an interest in signing the track. If you want to hear it before it gets released, check out the link.


Simply go to the link, (just close the "beatnik" player - you don't need it) and click "download".

Thanks for taking the time, and we hope you enjoy it!

Mike Bajwa

BIPOLAR (Bajwa & Dale Anderson) www.bajwa-dale.com

[email protected]

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