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Hip-Hop Errors


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OK, name some Hip-Hop errors. There's a lot of them. I'll start with the most recent one. Jay-Z and Pharrell - Excuse Me.

...Either she's the one or I'm caught up in the Matrix

But fuck it, let the fish burn (Laurence Fishburn from Matrix)

Red or Green pill, you live and you learn.

Any Matrix fan knows that it was a red and a BLUE pill.

Here's another one...

Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim I Can Love You

...Dippin' on your Ninja Honda with Tonisha and Rhonda.

Kawasaki makes Ninjas, not Honda.

OK, I know there's alot more, list 'em.


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Originally posted by ketaman

the rhymes wouldnt sound so hot if everything was correct

NOTHING Noreaga ever said made any sense, so theres no reason to care about those tiny little mistakes.

The songs are still hot.

Not necessarily. For example, on my Jay-Z error, blue and green both have the same amount of syllables, so it would have sounded exactly the same if he said it right. And on what skeemr said, if 50 would have said slug instead of shell, it would have sounded the same too.


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