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New Releases From Cok

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Chris McDonald aka Knowledge back on the sleep deprivation tip. We've been

hard at work here keeping the ball rolling in the studio and on the front lines

as of late. End result? Some great new releases hitting the shelves throughout

2003 with more on the way.

All of our titles are available at www.columnsofknowledge.com or more

specifically www.columnsofknowledge.com/label.html ****** options available for those

wanting records or cds shipped. We process all orders within 24 hrs.

At this time our catalogue consists of:

COK001 Todd Buckler "Pillowtalk/Cold" 12" dnb tunes from our dnb sublabel

Inner Strength. Almost sold out only a few copies left of Todd's debut release

which has had enormous local support. He just got a nice writeup in XLR8R for

this debut!

COK002 Bam Bam "Head Trauma" EP 3 hard techno tracks from our good friend

from the windy city...This release has seen distribution worldwide and has just

been repressed in the UK. We are presently sold out of this title but contact

us anyway if interested in a copy. If we get more in we'll send one immediately!

COK003 Knowledge/Ezrah "Blueprint Training" EP A stompy tech-house track with

3 versions. Knowledge and Ezrah bring tribal elements, some disco, and

progressive elements to the table. Chris Anderson offers a very nice dub mix

signature to some of his work on Free Records. The Donald Glaude mix stands out

here... a floorfiller that just never let's up. This hits stores in the next 3-4


COK004 Dj Venom "Floorbanger" EP 4 tracks for all hard house fans. Takes us

back to the days of UC but still hits hard as nails.

COK005 Dj Knowledge "Live @ Boo 7" CD his 1st fully licensed mix cd featuring

a blend of funky house, techno, progressive, and even trance.

COK006 Todd Buckler "Running Scarred Under the Falling Sky" a 10 track CD of

all his own production work! Only 1 month old and red hot!

COK007 Raoul Zerna, Knowledge, James Miller Junior EP coming this fall

We are still learning. We are still growing. Our databass needs more info. We

have a nice bass for distribution, direct sale, and internet sale at this

time. However, not every store/site etc works with every single distributor. Some

would prefer direct sale etc... If you know of any great places we might be

able to move our music in, please contact me personally and share your wealth

of info. 001-203-287-8398 or chrismcdo@aol.com AIM=chrismcdo

Thanks as always for your time and support. Columns of Knowledge Recordings

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