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RE:MIX:Set Times: Renovations: and all the other stuff!


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What's up everybody. So here is the dilly on what's going on with RE:MIX, the Tunnel and all that jazz.

We have been working 20 hour days on no sleep, getting this venue ready for everybody. And yes, we have done it ourselves....on our hands and knees!!

The changes are LARGE. And we are positive you will walk in the Dc Tunnel and realize that it really does feel like a different club. Wanna know what we have done?

The whole club has been repainted and cleaned. The main room has been completely painted black. And you know those awesome chandeliers you guys loved so much? GONE.

The bars have been relocated, refinished, cleaned, and painted. All the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned by a proffessional company. We have built dance blocks for everyone to get funky on. We have bought furniture, pillows, and have even cut custom shaped fuzzy carpets for the side rooms. The old drum and bass room is still closed until the club gets packed enough for it to open. And when that happens, it will too be completely renovated. But for now, it remains closed.

The other upstairs level is the new 21 and over Tiki lounge, completely painted from head to toe in a beeeaauuutiful new color. The bar has been completely refurbished. We have added more couches, beautiful decor, pillows, lamps, rugs, etc. It feels like someone's cool apartment up there.

We have worked things out with the bartenders to offer you guys drink specials before 11 and specialty drinks in the Tiki lounge, including tropical drinks, Daiquiris, and Margaritas. Hopefully that slushy machine gets here in time for the weekend. If it isnt here this weekend, it will be here for Bassbin Twins. We promise. The bartenders plan to make the drinks very very tasty for everybody as well.

The front room, as we have told you before is the Fut:ure Cult:ure room to showcase local visual artists. This week Joey Dobbs is showcasing all his dj culture photographs. And they are really amazing pictures! Come see!! But in this room, we also will have tons of new furniture and pillows and fuzzy shag carpets for you to chill out on and watch movies. We will be showing Moonshine DVDs on the big screen for your viewing pleasure. So go get a drink, get your friends when your tired of dancing, and come lay on the rugs and pillows and looounge about. Maybe we can even get Joey to feed all the girls grapes.

But that's not it, for the gentlemen, we have gone extra special crazy up in there, wait till you see your new bathroom!! You better love us, cause the bathroom is stylin'. So stylin' it should have its own soundsystem. LOL

But let's get to the important thing. The sound system.

We have completely taken it apart and surrounded the room. It is now a "6-corner Surround TurboSound System" and well, .....it sounds incredible. To alleviate some of the bouncing acoustics, we have installed a large sound curtain at the front of the room towards the entrance for absorption. We think everyone will be pleased.

This weekend, we have not only the newest laser in the United States, but our boys at P.A.W.N are bringing 2 additional laser systems. So yes, that makes 3 Lasers this weekend. And we are putting up a ton of scrim in the ceiling to make this show as 3d as it has ever been in its history. Along with as many mirror points as we can physically put on the walls.

It really does feel like a different club. It is done with our own style, and we have put alot of personal time into the place. We hope you come out to see the difference and we hope you are pleased. Can't wait to see you all there!!


10:00 -11:00 DAVID MICHAEL

11:00 -12:00 JEN LASHER

12:00 -1:45 DJ RAP

1:45 - 3:30 TRENDROID

3:30 - close STRANGERS H:D:R:S

Wanna get in free or discounted this weekend?? Look here to find out how!!

- The first 10 people to bring the Trendroid Transport CD with them this Saturday get in for $5. Must arrive before 11pm.

- And if it just so happens to be your birthday, you get in free! Just show your ID at the door.

ALSO......Look out for the RE:MIX table for a chance to meet Dj Rap in the VIP Room and get a poster signed!!

See you Saturday.....



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