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Vixxen - your inbox is full


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Originally posted by djraykang

:shaking head in hands:

I feel like I just lost half my brain cells reading these posts... I should've known better than to write about Aly's inbox being full.


It could get worse... they haven't moved on to rearranging your words... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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Guest jroo

Box Storage Limit Warning

Your box:

You are using 92% of your 6.0 MB limit.

You are currently using 5.5 MB of storage. More Info

Get a Bigger box!

Get up to 100 MB of storage for your box, starting at just $9.95/year!

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Originally posted by vixenfoxxy Oh good christ! Ray, what did you get me into here? :rofl:

Sorry PGiddy but I stopped working at camelot, now i get flown first class up to Scores in NY every weekend :rolleyes:

*sigh* I swear, I just can't be off the boards for a damned day without all hell breaking loose :aaah:

heh heh! Sorry bout that Aly - all hell def. broke loose - let's grab lunch this week...


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