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Should anyone have to answer to anyone else what they do with their $$? My friend mentioned going out next week and I said I had to see about the $$ situation. I had a wedding last week and another wedding next weekend and basically, dont have much spending $$. So, my friend proceeds to ask me what I do with my $$ (but in a rude way). I answered her like a dumbass but after I thought about it, was really annoyed. Would anyone else be?

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I'm not sure what this has to do with sex... but... :tongue:

I know what you mean. That seriously annoys me... I have a lot of bills and not that much spare cash... it's not exactly a fun situation to be in, and when I say I can't go out because I'm broke, people say shit like "oh you're cheap!" or whatever... yeah, it pisses me off.

I even had someone lecture me on how I should be putting my money into an IRA (I think that's what it was!)... I'm like, umm, and what money would that be? Nevermind the fact that it was a trust-fund baby telling me this... :rolleyes:

It's a touchy subject... and some people need to learn to mind their damn business.

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