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TWISTER COMPETITION, DJ Fountainhead, DJ Engage, DJ Paris

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The FIRST EVER Marvelgirl7 TWIST OFF .:. Friday, February 9th, 2001 .:.

Tommy's .:. $5

Pool is free, Twister is free, sexy people will be distributing quarters for

the pinball, darts, and video games. DJ Fountainhead, DJ Engage, and DJ Paris are

confirmed so far, and three more mystery DJs will be in attendance as well.

There will be CD and CASH prizes (to be disclosed) for the winner of the

First Ever Marvelgirl7 Twist Off and also, since we're big fans of dressing

up, prizes for the most NON-VALENTINE OUTFIT. Use your imagination.

What's this about The Twist Off? How can you win great cash prizes (to be

disclosed)? Send me your name, email address, and phone number and I will reserve your space in this festive competition. The winner will be crowned "TWIST OFF CHAMPION" and will get to wear a groovy cape (in Twister colors, of course), a big-ass belt, and a super-duper crown. You'll also get

some yet-unknown amount of cash, entirely dependent on how many people come.

If you think you'll win, you'd better invite all your friends! How can we be

serious? There are details on the website...


All this and more will be at TOMMY'S at 4552 University Way (next to Red

Light on "the Ave") 21 and older, of course.

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I even have an update. Oh, it's true. Pints of beer (select, cheap, yicky brands) are only $0.50. The prize for Twister Champion (aside from the fame that comes from being a champion) will be *no less than* $50. We also have confirmed DJ Shane to play during the competition.

Twister matches will be televised on the big-screen Televisions throughout the bar.

That's the end of the updates. I'll let you know more as news comes in.


collectively NOT BEING SHEEP, together


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