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Car Accident at Tick Tock Diner and ME


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So this morning at 2:15 I pull in to the diner off of Rt. 3. There are 6 spots by the road, 3 head to head spots. There was a Brown car in the middle spot close to the entrance and a Blue car on the end close to the building. I was gonna park there but I peep a spot right near the building. My 2 friends and I get out and start walking up to the door. As soon as I reach the door I hear some screeching tires. As I turn to look I see a red bronco come down and plow into the the brown car. The brown car (totaled) spims around hits the blue car (some damage) and ends up with the back of his car (brown) resting against a pick up (very little damage). The The red bronco (alot of damage) then hits a white blazer (alot of damage), parked right next to my car and slams it into the building. So a total of five cars being hit, and no injuries to anyone.

I was very lucky tonight, a minute or two later and we all could of been hit, a foot more to the left and my car would of been hit too. All the while before this we debating where we should go and eat. My friend chose Tic Tock cause it was closet to where we were. I am really glad we were out of the way and safe from this. It just goes to show you that anything can happen at any time.

I am SO GLAD to be home SAFELY

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