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My Mets have been playin golf well since april when the season began. Ive invested alot of time into the Sox this year and really want to see them win. I hate the Yanks with a passion that you do not understand. I just hope that the Sox give them all they can handle and pull it off. Should be real exciting.

xlr8ted ur such a hater lolololol peace bro.

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Ok... Had to come to the Boston Boards to give credit where credit is due... They played an incredible series and never gave up... :aright:

This should be an incredible Series... To me this is the World Series... I do not think any series can be more exciting than the series they are about to play...

To all the Yankee Haters... :blah: I guess they are a team that you either love or hate. There are no mixed feelings... But it's all good...

May the best team win...

Game 5 was probably one of the best games that I have seen in a long time... Props to Boston... This is what it is all about!!! :eek:


LETS GO NY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Associated Press

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Some of the Oakland Athletics were furious with Derek Lowe, accusing the Red Sox pitcher of making obscene gestures toward them after he struck out Terrence Long to finish Boston's 4-3 victory in the AL division series Monday night.

"It's a situation where if you did anything where you offended anyone, I'm sorry," Lowe said. "I was swinging my arms around. I don't know what I did. I did the same crazy thing I do every game."

The A's thought Lowe simulated a sexual act with his arms and made a gesture toward his crotch following the final out, sending Oakland shortstop Miguel Tejada into a rage in the clubhouse moments later.

"Derek Lowe is going to be paid back for that sign," Tejada screamed hysterically through the clubhouse, shouting expletives. "My kid is in the stands. He's going to pay."

Oakland general manager Billy Beane escorted the crying Tejada away.

Tejada was later told that Lowe apologized.

"I feel better now that I hear he apologizes," Tejada said after calming down. "He was jumping around and making a scene. They have families up there, we have families up there."

Tejada is one of the most emotional players on the A's, and this was probably his final game with them because he can become a free agent.

"He takes everything personally, wins and losses, and plays with his heart on his sleeve," first baseman Scott Hatteberg said of Tejada. "He plays with everything he's got."

Other A's players were offended.

"That's extremely unprofessional," center fielder Chris Singleton said. "That's a shame that's the type of person he is. He was the only one who showed less than professionalism."

Hatteberg spent seven seasons with the Red Sox and 11 in their organization. He and Lowe were teammates.

"To have that done is absolutely classless and unprofessional," Hatteberg said. "I'm disappointed having known him. I don't think it was aimed at (Tejada), it was aimed at us. I know we show emotion, but I can't think of anything we've done to show them up."

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Originally posted by stymie

I just watched the clip of the last pitch. He freaks out... I didnt see any crotch grabbing or obscene geesture. MiggyT is full of it.

He DEFINITELY made a crotch gesture, fucking hilarious.

Such a nerve racking end, I nearly threw up 8 times during the bottom of the 9th.

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that kid thought he was all cool giving shit to the sox team. then he got his ass handled by a fat 40 year old cop :laugh:

i love these tool boxes in the stands that are so fucking cool talking shit. they are the biggest fucking pussies.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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