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Baseball vs. Football


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26 % of Americans say football is their favorite sport. 13 % say baseball (another 13 % say basketball). After watching last night's game, how can anyone say football is better than baseball?

I'm so sick of these people who probably never played a down of football in their lives screaming for a bunch of criminals and juiceheads running up and down the field.

Baseball is so much better. Remember about 10 years ago when basketball was so popular (because of Jordan)? Well, that died out--all things are cyclical.

Baseball got itself screwed because of all the work stoppages and players and owners demands for more money. The salary cap is definitely helping parity in the NFL and thus, popularity of the league.

But as a pure sport--you cannot beat a good baseball game. Yanks-Red Sox, Yanks or Sox against the Cubs (hopefully). How can you beat that?

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football, hands down. baseball, hockey and basketball seasons are way to long, half the season is filler, so i never get a sense that players really put 100% into every game. the nature of the 16 game schedule makes it almost necessary for teams to take each and every game seriously from the start.

play off system of a single game elimination is sports survival at its purest. same way people live the intensity of a game 5 or game 7 in other sports is the way football fans live each and every play off game.

there is also more strategy to football than meets the eye, and that is usually the case with a lot of people that don't like any sport that they are usually do not know all the strategy behind each and everymove. baseball also has a lot of strategy and usually towards the end of the season and the play offs is when you can relly appreciate what goes on in a managers mind in his decision to swich pitchers, pull in infield in, pull the out field in, put in a pinch hitter, bunt, etc.

i've always said it (although I usually said it to my friends that ONLY watched soccer and thought everything else was crap), a true sports fan lives on more than just soccer . . . in this case a true sports fan lives on more than just any 1 sport.

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i also think that the common guy off the street can relate more to a football player than a baseball player. wtf is up with making 26 million a year to be standing doing nothing 3/4 of the time your on the field to say compared to a football player dishing out punishment or recieving punishment for 2, 3 million a year?

you ask me, hockey and football players are better conditioned than most baseball players. only in baseball can a fat drunk guy make millions . . .*cough*cough*cough*david*cough*wells*cough*cough*cough :D

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Baseball sucks ass if you ask me but hey its my opinion and if i do watch it,its cause the Marlins are in the playoffs.Boring as sport in my book along with golf. Of course playing it is a different story.

Football is much better.You get to see great plays ,great athletes on both sides and theres more movements. Last nights game is a perfect example of how exciting this sport can be.Baseball games last too dam long.

Soccer is my fav but this topic is related between baseball vs football so i wont get into details;)

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