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Substance ABuse Forum Meetup?

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Originally posted by podes881

Im bored and work and was just thinking, im realively new and all, but has there ever been a meet up for the people of the Substance Abuse forum, like there are for other forums....how crazy would that shit be..somebody would end up in the hospital i think;)

that is a funny idea...i think if we planned it the national guard and fbi would show up and arrest all of us :D

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Originally posted by podes881

addition to my idea...we all bring our favorite stuff......we would have a "buffet" of stuff...okay i need to stop thinking about this...it makes me want to leave work and head back to jersey

i like the idea...*i will take a scoop of coke and some k; then a few pills*...i like it :D

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Whens this going down? I'm def in, everyone meet me @ that club tonight.. Ok so its on!!!! I'll be the guy in the club, just say hi and you want drugs, that will be our code word. " I want drugs"...


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i just got money again now.........this summer was a huge binge....romina (romy20 on CP) stayed with me in CT at my apartment....and it was non stop from end of June to Labor Day weekend....i don't know how we survived.........but it was the best summer ever:) ...now after a month clean, i want drugs again

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