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Originally posted by dgmodel

well the whole idea on a fundamental level is do not do anything wrong because then itll happen to you... example steal someones car your car gets stolen... how about you just shouldnt steal because its wrong?~!?

What it is really saying is don't do these things in the first place...

but as an even further deterrent, they threw in the coming back to you part.

Kind of like having hell... if you tell Christians how to live their life, ten commandments, and there is still a place like hell, then christianity is conceding from the get go that people aren't going to listen.

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...believe it or not, there are levels of karma...you've rooted the basic definition but it goes beyond that...more importantly, karma should be discussed within the philosophy or religion you are attaching it to - buddhism, reincarnationism, etc...it is tough to pull out the underlying concept as you have done and extend generalizations from it...i would have to really brush up my knowledge on the subject to go further - i have a couple of books home from my "new age" stage...i'll try to get back to you on it...

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...there's a great book i have called Many Mansions...sorry for leaving it at this but i'm out of here...blah...anwyas...

OT - marko, i was just looking at your sig and thinking of sunday, "Dont worry about nothing....dont worry about nothing..."...now how's that for a life-philosophy...lol...i think it's called brooklyn taoism...

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lmao...:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:...lmao

da dumpers are dumpin on the dumpees the dumpees are getting dumped on im tired of dumpin on these dumps...

<in white castle>

jibba jabbah 1000 of these arf arf...

(i wish i knew what he said in that line there)

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Originally posted by phatman

...you're over simplifying...

A VAST oversimplification at that... it's not that the same exact thing will happen to you, just that you've fucked yourself in general...

It's more about a cosmic balance of good vs evil, if you will.

I don't look at karma as a deterrent as such... just the way things are. If you don't shit on people, good things are more likely to come your way. If you lie, cheat and steal in order to get ahead... one day you're bound to get stabbed in the back- no honor among thieves.

Anyway, that's the way I look at it. Everything you do has some kind of effect, whether you realize it or not... a butterfly flaps its wings and next thing you know Japan's hit with a tsunami... and all that good stuff.

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