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FREE original Mp3's and Soundfonts

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Subsonic HeadDub are hosting a free 8mb soundfont of drumkits (Callanish

Drumkits) on their mp3.com site. This is an original soundfont created by

Astral Pedestrian. The kits are made to be interesting and creative to use

and are like nothing else out there. Much work has gone into their creation

and in return we ask that you listen to at least one Subsonic HeadDub track,

although this is not obligatory. If you like the soundfont, please leave

feedback on the Subsonic HeadDub bulletin board. If there is enough interest

I will continue to develop the Drumkits to version 2, and release some other

soundfonts I have created. The URL is http://www.mp3.com/subsonic


Astral P

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