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Originally posted by flavanugz

i dont think so. we got a noise complaint last saturday. we'll see though? what about philly cheesesteak's place?

I'll ask, that's always a crapshoot. His sister is filming Elimidate the next night, so she'll need her beauty rest.

I'm serious, she is.

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Originally posted by groovefire

Kewl, I'll only bring one person:


Is it cool to put your snapshot in your avatar?? I never got that.

And buckman spit on my perfectly pedicured toes at The Kells one night when he found out who I was. He told me he was going to "make me pay" for calling him an idiot on the AVALON MESSAGE BOARD.

Um ok. Still waitin' lol


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Yeah he's one of those guys that spits every 2 seconds when he talks...not like involuntarily spits but coughs up spit. I introduced myself to him and he turned beat red (I'm assuming out of anger??) and starting spitting in double time. Mind you, I'm outside the Kells, smoking a butt, and it's him, his two friends and me. I was merely trying to be nice and make conversation, and he kept getting closer to me, spitting, some of which landed on my toes (I had on sandals that night).

I really don't think he aimed or anything, but he still spit on me, and it was gross. I had to run back in and scrub my foot and my sandal :(

That's what I get for being nice I guess :vomit2:


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