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Something Strange

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Hello Clubplanet,

Things have been really strange going on the past few months. There is now this rave petition in the news now.Parties are becoming really big. Coparations like Mircosoft and Sony are sponsering Concert rave Events Now! There is this new technoshamen subculture floating around. I just got word of it very recently from a member within ravelinks.A society called T.A.C.C (Technoshamen Assisting the Collective Community) They have been reading my post and asked me to join their community or family like they put it.They have been known to throw many Goa trance parties around the midwest and southern regions.They told me that they had over 6500 members around the world.I am suppose to be getting their T.A.C.C Constitution in the mail soon.I'm excited because they said that they loved my rave insight guidebook and they invited me to go to one of their parties later this month.They wanted to talk about producing more copies of it!I wanted to know if anyone here ever heard of theses people. I have been searching everywhere for answers but it seems I can't find any and no one know anything about them.Well anyway I keep you all updated about that party.If anyone knows anything about theses people e-mail with the facts!

Have a Love-A-Fair with life,


[This message has been edited by dreamdrop (edited 10-25-2000).]

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Put on the main boards... I don't think anyone's really gonna read it here... cwm15.gif



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Can ya feel it?!?

Now back up and give me some dancin' room!!


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