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Is it true,about bad boys?

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1. He's way too smooth. If he kisses you good night and says, "I hope to relive this moment a thousand times" or "It was my pleasure to take out the most beautiful woman in the city" (both real lines laid on real women whom I know personally), you're dealing with a bad boy. Bad boys tend to be overly endowed in the charm and charisma department, and they have a knack for making women feel oh-so special. Here's the litmus test for figuring out whether his moves are BB material: When he says something romantic, you believe it; when you repeat it later to your girlfriends, they fall over laughing.

2. He's got a sketchy living situation. He's vague about his address ("I'm kinda crashing with a friend for a few weeks until this great sublet comes through"). Or he lives in a studio that is unfurnished except for a mattress on the floor, one towel and an elaborate stereo system. Or he never invites you to his place and is always happy to go to yours. Bad boy!

3. He doesn't have a phone. Or he never answers it. Or he has a cell phone but it's always off. You find yourself leaving longer and longer messages on his various voice mails.

4. It's never his fault. A bad boy never says he's sorry for being late, letting you down or standing you up, because, honestly, it wasn't his fault. Life is crazy! And s__t happens. Especially to him.

5. He has lots of toys. For a guy who could carry the contents of his apartment on his back, he has an eye-opening array of, um, playthings in his bedside-table drawers.

6. He has had very few relationships. When you ask him if he has ever been seriously involved with someone, he looks devastated. Yes, in fact, he did have one major relationship. They met at Tower Records and dated for almost a month. But it's OK, that was nine years ago -- and he is pretty sure he's over it.

7. He's a musician. He used to be in a band, he's currently in a band or he's about to be in a band. He might play the drums or the sax, but most likely he plays guitar or bass. He probably drives a van or just sold his van, or he has a friend who drives a van or is about to have a friend who drives a van.


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