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The COWBOY UP Weekend Thread

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I am so cowboyfaced right now. Dude, seriously.

What a sloppy weekend this is going to be for Boston. The Yankees are in town, it's playoff time, everyone's all cowboyed up, and I just can't wait to go car tipping.

Tonight - Groovecowboy @ Pravda. On this, the most sloppy of ways to start a friday, martini's gonna hurt ya. I shined up my spinning shoes for this one :spin: Late night who knows.. just no one let me get in a cab alone. Please.

Saturday - Starting to cowboy up way early to beat the rush. Don't know how I'm going to fit Groovefire the night before into my 12 o'clock drinking schedule, but it's gonna happen. Watching the game at a bar in Boston TBD with a big group of cowboys. 4 o'clock Pedro v. Clemens in the sloppiest baseball game to be played all year. Afterwards trying to get chicks to show 'em in Kenmore, then trying to get the police to arrest any chick who did.

Sunday - Worcester to grandma up (it's her birthday), then back to Boston for more cowboying. I've heard it's going to rain all day Sunday which could throw a damper on things.

Put on your cowboy hat :hat:

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I will reply, however I have a few things to say first. One, glad you are back and took the day off. Two, I fucking hat the saying Cowboy up and therefore have a problem with this title. But I will go on

Tonight - Grooveflab at Pravda, getting drunk, letting NY spill martini on me, watching Flava puke, and Stymie stumble.

Tomorrow - Bar game

Sun - No idea, heard there is an October fest in Harvard sq though

Mon - No idea

:( :( :(

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tonight - drunk driving, martinis, groovecowgirl, stumbling, uber-sluts, ghetto-bitches, club-whores, techno-skanks, party favors, and flaza-after-party.

tommorow - watching game in bar, landsdown area probably... stayin in town, getting thrown out of bars & having girls dump rum n cokes on my head.

sunday - watching the giants get put in their place

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This evening.....:jerkoff:

Tomorrow... Putting on my chaps, spurs and my cup and heading to the Game... Hopefully catching a foul ball or the clap..

Tomorrow night... Yelling ,screaming, hopefully not going home w/ a white Nomar shirt covered in Mustard, ketchup and sweet and sour sauce..

Sunday.. Going to church, hopefully get a hand job or two.. Then watching the pats.

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