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* rave'o'lution thursdays * WATCH! & LISTEN online (from toronto, CANADA)

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Hello Boys and Girls!

Here’s just to let you know about an online rave radio show, hosted by yours truly (twitch)

It’s going to be Every Thursday starting with the Thursday October the 12th.

<> Come WATCH and LISTEN to your favorite Toronto Local DJs, with the occasional out of towner.

at www.24musichrs.com

<> There will be giveaways throughout the nights, so get ready to call in.

1(866) 24-MUSIC <--------- toll free number

<> Chat or don’t chat

--> Your DJs for the 12th of October 2000 will be none other than Toronto’s own:


hullaballoo/e-mail productions/f3

fresh from the UK playing some new happy hardcore

...DJ X...

hullaballoo/serenity/f3/dope.radio regular

playing kick ass breaks like no other can


liquid adrenaline/biohazard/small society

“scratchmaster t” will be providing us with some heavy tech trance sounds for the night


liquid adrenaline/e-mail productions/biohazard/sonicstate

i’ll be playing from epic to tech trance

tune in time is 9:00pm Eastern

--> Your DJs for the 19th of October 2000


...DJ DROOL...

Right of the top of the show, come and see some scratch WIZARDRY!

If ya like scratchin’ or just want to see how it’s done this man will show you every trick in the book



hard ass dark trance


sonic state/synthetic technologies

pure blissful trance


liquid adrenaline/e-mail productions/biohazard/sonicstate.net

this time around I’ll play some of my old house tracks from 93 - 98

tune in time is 9:00pm Eastern

--> Your DJs for the 26th of October 2000


A special night put on by www.SonicState.net in celebration of their web site launch. (CHECK IT OUT!)

On the 26th Sonic State is also throwing a Launch party at Sly nightclub (214 Adelaide St. W. Featuring Gene Carbonell, Lori the Hifi Princess, and William Dieter. Along with Saint Pete, Nomadic, Entity, and Dydimos. $5 with invite, $10 without.


atlanta, georgia – usa – fade records, sonic state

some fucking sweet progresive trance



new york, ny - usa – shimmy records, spiral kind, sonic state

she returns after rocking your socks off at Destiny

this girl is comin’ to show you some techno/psy trance courtasy of sonic state


richmond, virginia - sonic state

trance that will blow you away, making his first appearance in toronto


liquid adrenaline/e-mail productions/biohazard/sonicstate.net

melodic, hard and fast

tune in time is probably 8PM Eastern (stay tuned)








and so many more…

<< << << Media Player 7 is needed to view. >> >> >>

To download go to > click it

<A HREF="/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?url=http://www.24musichrs.com/chatroom/login.htm" TARGET=_blank> 24logo.gif </A>

click on the logo to go directly to the login page

INFO : www.24musichrs.com

1(866) 24-MUSIC

[email protected]

[email protected]

anything concerning rave’o’lution thursdays

or if you'd like to spin on the show:

[email protected]

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