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i was really impressed.

so i had the manager whip us up a couple of zygo-drinks last night at paninos... the bartender poured a crapload of the stuff into my cup, threw in a little cranberry juice and there was my drink.

it was really freakin good!

didnt taste like alcohol at all.

now i cant really tell you much about the effects of it b/c i ran around making everyone taste it.

BUT my friend swore she was seeing shit off one glass :D

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hey, thanks for the zygo traffic. i did not even have to start it this time myself!!!

i just logged in after being in the Magic Kingdom for the long weekend with the family. being on disney property is like being in another country.

here is a funny (from my perspective) disney story:

we ate one night at the brown derby restaurant which is at the disney/mgm studio theme park. our waiter shows and wants to take a drink order. he tells us the drink special of the day which is the ZYGO bellini. after i picked up my jaw from the floor, i ordered one.

as zygo co-owner, that was a great day. it is not easy to get anything sold on disney property.


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i would do a better job of promoting it but it aint easy to get people to PAY for something they are unsure of.... why dont you set me up to give out free samples at panino and i can hook it up and form zygo drinkers for life?

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