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Go to TUCOWS.com. They have all sorts of free,(and shareware and crap), stuff there to download and it is pretty easy to understand. I'm not sure if they have something free that will do all that, but at least something to decode MP3's. I was using mpecker drop decoder, until my friend let me borrow the $50 version of "PEAK" which is really cool. I change the sets to AIFF files then "normalize" and "add gain". So that there is pretty much even sound levels during playback.

That is really all I know how to do. I want to learn how to equalize and shit, but I need to get a book!!

I know "Powertools" is a good program for the Mac, but expensive as well.

There are hacker sites that you can get just about anything for free, but from what I've seen you really hafta know what it is that you're after because they are really confusing!!


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