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so deciding what to do on friday night and my friend mariah says fuck it lets go to boston, and go to pravda, i was so down, going to see my boyz and get my dance on, hehehe

well.......after filling up mariah's tank and telling her i would stay sober in order to drive home and bothering todd for the list and telling everyone we were heading up there, starting on our lil drive, oh wow, someone decides they don't wanna go to boston anymore, saying it wouldn't be worth it :mad: :mad: :mad:

yeah me was totally :mad: , so did not wanna hang out with these two friends and so wanted to go home and be miserable, but instead head to good ol fahrenheit, ya know the same place we go every friday, not that it is bad or anything, just a lil tiring after a while.....

so i get there and the goal of the night to get wasted, so i totally did

and then we head over to after hours for a wee bit, but since i got ready at jen's house i left my shit in mariah's car and went over to the party with a friend who didn't know how to get there, seeing that my two friends promised to meet me there i was all set, right???? :confused:

hells no, this was so me :blown:

yup of course don't hear from either of my friends, they don't answer their phones or anything, a bit messed up if you ask me........so i am like they probably just went to jen's and passed out, or something, oh wait my freakin keys to my house and to my work, which i had to open at 10am, were in the car with them.......totally added to my great night, huh?? :rolleyes:

so yes stay up all night waiting to hear something from these chicks, oh and then head over to jen's to see no car of mariah's and well bang on the door and no one answer, it is now around 9am, and i have my nice boobie gear on from last night still, and so could not wear that to work, or even open my store, such a great freakin night this turned out to be..........:mad:

so yes to finish this story, i had to pay 75 bux to get my door opened from the locksmith guy and well somehow my lovely drunkass friends decided to take a ride to where ever and get pulled over and then head to freakin connecticut where mariah lives, yeah totally makes no sense when jen lives like two minutes from fahrenheit.....:blank:

yup ended up getting in my house and changing real quick and making it to work and then getting my keys around 2:30ish, yeah talked to the girls at 9:30ish and they told me they were bringing them right away, guess that was right away for them :rolleyes:

so yes totally got screwed all night, why didn't they just listen to me and go to boston, so would have been worth it, because none of this horrible shit would have happened, dumb girls :rolleyes:

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