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Angelina De No _ here for you

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Here's my best shot.....some parts are hard to understand ;)

From the first times our eyes met,

With that look I fell in love

This was all that I wanted,

Everything I was dreaming of

You have got nothing to fear now, (no, no)

I'll erase what you've been through

If you let me in somehow

Love is always here for you

Chorus: We could find a better day,

If you'll open your eyes more

We could find a better way

If you'll open your heart more

With the love that you feel,

Anything is possible

If you're ready and willing,

Well baby I'm here for you

(Here for you)

(Here for you)

I'll do anything you ask me

With the love you wanted to find

There's a need to be open

and tell me how you feel inside

There's no need to worry,

I know I can ease your pain

All the hurt you've carried (?)

I swear I'll never beat again (?)

Chorus x 2

I'm ready....baby I'm here for you.....

The rest is basically those lines sung over and over.....

Then the Chorus one last time.....

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