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KILL bill

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Originally posted by anotherway83

just got back from seeing it...loved it...anticipating vol. 2...but also caught the trailers for LOTR return of the king and matrix revolutions...the next 2 months r gonna be great for movies :D

Yeah matrix revolutions looks great but so did the second. I was disapointed with the second one. Let's see though.

I also want to add that kill bill is the first action movie i have seen that the main star is a girl and she doesent annoy me. very well made and directed.

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Originally posted by DarrellG

I've been waiting for this movie to come out since I fist saw the trailer 4 months ago. Sick fuckin movie!!!

I love how he over-exaggerated the blood. Fuckin' blood spewing everywhere!!!

:half: :half:

Hell yeah that cheesy blood makes the movie


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