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Pussylickin' frog

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OK so there's this horny girl, right.

And she hasn't had a date in a long time.

One day she passes by a store and in the window it says they have a pussy lickin' frog for 500$.

So she goes in and asks if it really does all it says it does.

And the store owner says yes it does and if you buy it and nothing happens bring it back here and I'll give you your money back.

So she buys it and takes it home.

But all night all it did was say ribbit ribbit over and over.

Naturally, she is furious over this, so the next day she takes it back to the store and tells the owner that the frog did absolutely nothing.

So the owner appologizes and tells her to go back into the store room and we'll sort this out.

So she waits there for a moment and the shop keeper comes in and takes the frog out and says...

"Froggy, this is the last time I'm gonna show you how to do this" :eek::laugh::blank:

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