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True Love Always

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That's because all the freaks are punks like johnholmely and HouserReal. They are a bunch of a wanksta's that can take what we got to give them. All they are are a bunch of wannabee cp-ers. Don't worry Tranzwhore. I am sure you have plenty of freaks on your miami side to take over as our play toys like that gay ass andrewthomas being one of them. So don't worry we are patiently waiting like House4Real the Next Big Thing!!!

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Originally posted by tranzwhore

i've been so outta the loop from moving and being in limbo cuz of living with the in-law's but i'm hoping to get back into one of my favorite boards - DRAMA! keep up the good work though!

much love!

otta the loop??? girl, when did u take this drama break????????:confused: your here all the time....:D

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