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Rules For Cp Hottie Of The Month

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OK here is how this works same as last time...... all the girls who want to vote reply to this thread by TONIGHT. then me or naughtbabe will post a list a of all the BUMP GIRLS who are able to vote... then you will have 2 days to PM ME 3 names of guys who you think are worth having the title of hottie of the month. the top 5 guys with the most votes are then POSTED and then THEY have to send NAUGHTYBABE pics of themseleves and answer a couple of questions from that we vote and i will post winner....

all bump girls have to think of 5 questions that you would want these guys to answer then me and wendy will pick a couple of questions and those will be the ones they answer



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Originally posted by naughtybabe

*OK here we go.. BUMP girls

Pick 3 guys you think should run....

we will see which guys get voted for

the most then choose 5 and take it from there...

Pm me or Eurolisa w/ your 3 names..

Go!! :)

Its a race! Its a race... im winning... im winning!!!!

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i better be on the fuckin list damnit !! i'm hot ....no ?...:shaky:

i'll lick u r pussies lady judges... i will..i promise i will :( i wanna win this thing :D

ok....... i promise i will watch 'untill you' with u n ur friends...and will make popcorns all nite......

did i win ??:D

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