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Brian's Hair!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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for some reason i am turned on to brian's hair. ahhhhhh! it is so sexy i have never seen such hair on a man. the cut and the way it falls is pure perfection. i would love to run my hands in it! ahhhhh! that would be excasty. (im not gay, bi the way). cwm4.gif



Hey Mr. DJ put a record on, i wanna dance with my baby!

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Originally posted by goldenman:

is anyone in this board? cwm4.gif

bmffwhaaahahahahaha... sometimes, but rarely. What is it about Brian's hair that gets you going? the way it falls reminds you of something...or just lights some hidden urge you've got deep inside? I happen to be gay, and agree with you. Then again, I also started watching Talk Soup when Hal Sparks became the host, so I guess there's something about Michael too. cwm1.gif

no, wanting to run your hands through a guy's hair doesn't make ya gay, admitting that you want to shows you're openminded... now if you wanted to rub your dick in his mouth, you might be considered a wee bit lavender. cwm9.gif

So join the 'crowd' here, kick back and take off your inhibitions. Nobody bites - unless you ask first. If there sin't enough traffic here in the forum for you, feel free to PM me, I'll talk with ya...




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