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Whatever happened to LIFE?

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Sorry - have to come out from under my rock and give some info - Life was my job/home for almost 3 yrs and have to add my 2 cents lol :)

The owners (a dad and 2 sons) got out of the club business in NY and took up business elsewhere - they have nothing to do w/ Spa/Plaid

The director and about 80 percent of LIFE staff moved over to run Spa/Plaid....totally different owners tho.


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Originally posted by mikeynine999

owners sold it and bought spa which is now plaid and few other joints i beliebve

Not true I'm afraid.

The owner of Life's space and also all the commercial properties on the same block is Roy Stillman.

Roy shut down Club Life due to his cabaret licencense being revoked due to a high number of complaints from local residents.

The complaints ranged from noise violations stemming from bass speakers reverbaration through the steel supports of the building in to the apartments above.

Drug dealers from Washingtom Square Park doing business on Sullivan and Thompson street corners.

Cab drivers tooting their horns late at night trying to pick up rides from the club and the last major complaint was a violation of the lease when they turned the Sullivan Street room into a party room when it was zoned ONLY for storage space.

Roy then tried to sell the business but had no takers with such a wealth of bad issues outstanding.

He eventually decided to keep the space and turn it into a performance venue for Theatrical shows, although there is a restriction that there can be no amplified sound after 11pm.

There thats the story !!!

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Roy Stallman is a scum bag.    Did deal with him when I brought life to life's a beach in Southampton everyone knew it was old man's money uve still is piece of my shit scum of the scum. Sure many in nightlife at life went on to bigger n better things n even Jason strauss started at life gay nights promoter with Kenny Kenny Richie rich. You had clowns like free barring mark Baker Steve Lewis ran it. N you had Dirk also. And others I later opened Sullivan room on Sullivan Street under lions den another loser drunk Steve Cunningham. Had the space I opened it brought in then friend serve skylar who later double crossed me took it over he was backed by heavy Russian mob orb.  Lovely people.   Ah yes I rem those days well life was the spot I was in Sullivan room sitting on one side Pam Anderson on other side of me prince who never said a word for 2 hours Sullivan room was the spot fun times of you were there you knew door men. Kyle Hampton became great friend Alex Spanish Alex Jimenez who is at. Jimmy n skylar roof top.   To the crazy days rip

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