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celeb look-alikes...


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know any? just thought of this cuz i saw a guy in one of my classes today that looked EXACTLY like ben affleck... lol i nearly fell out of my seat, his face and his body, i could have sworn he was ben affleck... statistics is my new favorite class now :D

okay so... one of my best friends looks like juilia stiles and another looks like punky brewster... and my cousin looks like bruce willis... couple more, can't think of 'em all at the moment...

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Originally posted by glowgrlnyc

everytime i go out, someone tells me I look just like gwen stefani

Then I am never introducing you to my boyfriend, he's in love with her! :laugh: :laugh:

I was once in Starbucks (a LONG time ago- I don't patronize that evil establishment anymore!!!), and my friend and I were soooo convinced that Noah Wyle was there... I swear this guy's profile was the spitting image of him, we couldn't take our eyes off of him, trying to figure it out... Then he turned around, and he looked nothing like him from the front!

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I swore I saw David Blaine in Tomoe... one night.. with a lil hottie.. didn't interupt.. but he nodded as if it were him.. don't recall if he did a little subtle magice trick.. but that was kinda weird..

I get a certain celebrity.. but I don't like to put the idea into anyone's head who wouldn't think it themself...

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Originally posted by sexxybabyd

I have been told I look like

Tila Nguyen

Christina Ricci

Alyssa Milano

J-Lo :confused:

No idea

the only ones i can see are tila and christina ricci... the other two u look nothing like IMO... so different! :)

me, ive been told i look like carmen electra.. i used to get jennifer aniston way back in the day.. i got britney 3x over the last 2 weeks.. anddddddddd idk i think thats pretty much it. but lately, ive been gettin carmen the most.

as far as knowing any celeb lookalikes... hmmm... my friend dana looks like a cross between reese witherspoon and kelly ripa. (shes in the halloween pics with me)

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