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i love sephora..

i loved it more before i found out about www.beauty.com though. beauty has the same shit only cheaper or the same price and they deliver. they are also affiliated with drugstore.com where you can buy the basic necessities. so i usually wait till i need something from drugstore and then i shop around on beauty too, if you spend 50 bucks (which i always do), they ship for free. they also give you back dollars. i had 18 bucks last time i checked out & it was taken off my total. ;)

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when you go to sephora and even if you "splurge", there are just so many makeup items you can buy in one trip. you're not going to get multiple foundations, lipsticks, or skincare products. i don't think i know anyone that has spent more than say.. $200.

the average total of purchases are really low for the areas they currently have stores at - for example, they had a store on 5th + 49th across from saks fifth avenue. the store was huge, but i'm sure they couldn't justify paying such a huge rent for the small amount of purchases being made.

in addition, sephora targets a specific customer base. the typical customer can afford to buy expensive makeup.. compare this to the people that can walk into duane reade and buy revlon products - it's too difficult to keep up and not lose market share to the big ones - maybelline, cover girl, revlon, etc.

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for all you sephora lovers out there.. its friends and family time!

Subject: Sephora.com Friends & Family

> >Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 14:19:13 -0700

> >

> >Shop Sephora.com between November 24 - December 7 and get a 20%



> >Family discount.

> >Use discount code FF2003 at checkout on www.sephora.com

its online only.

ill be posting more ff's coupons i have been getting this week

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