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Wyanda Sykes on HBO inside the nfl

Guest saleen351

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Guest saleen351

first off she isn't funny at all, second did you see bob costas really didn't seem happy after her segmen when she used the word nigger and motherfucker at least 5 times.....

She is an insult to that show and should be shot...

Why would anyone have the word nigger on a football show??

that show sucks now... it's ova... Marino lives out by me, if i see him out, i'm gonna ask him to shoot that dumb broad..

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i lost all repect for this show once they brought Collinsworth on the show. To me, this was Len and Nick's show and noone else. I don't mind Marino on it but seriously..Collinsowrth, he hasn't been mentioned for the hall of fame.

many people say "what was rush limbagh doin on an espn pre-game show?" My reply to em is "What is Wanda Sykes doin on Inside the NFL"

one of the best segemnts on NFL back in the say was the WHERE ARE THEY NOW segemnt

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Here's something interesting:

A few years back during an interview, I read Bob Costas say that he hated football, that it is too barbaric a sport. Either he had a change of heart, or HBO realized they needed a great presence like him on the set and lured him with more money than Paris Hilton spends on shopping.

As for Chris Collinsworth, I like him. By the way, Colllinsworth won the Emmy this year for Outstanding Sports Personality/Studio Analyst. He's good at what he does.

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