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DJs Wanted To Feature On All Knight Access


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I have begun development on the next section of the All Knight Access site (http://www.allknightaccess.com). This section will be called "Somebody" and will be an extensive national directory entertainment professionals (models, actors, DJs, etc.). Each listing will include a complete bio, photo, and any other pertinant info. Anyone that is listed in this section will appear to have prominence on the site, since they are being featured with more attention drawn to them. Hence, they are "Somebody." They are people that other users should already know, or should get to know.

Under the DJs area, I would like to feature you. If you are interested, please follow these instructions:

Since this section will integrate with other sections of the site, each of you must have a free registered account, perhaps even using your DJ name as your registered code name. During registration, fill out the personal profile as much as possible. The more info you give about yourself, the better.

After the accounts have been set up, e-mail me the code name you registered, along with your 600 - 750 word bio. The bio should contain information that is not already in your personal profile. The bio is not meant to rephrase what is already in your personal profile, but rather to serve as an extension to it.

Then, you should login to your account and upload a photo, or photos, to your picture album. After all photos have been uploaded, select one of them to appear in your personal profile. You must have at least one photo in your picture album and select for your personal profile. This is important.

From there, I will be able to complete the primary stages of this section.

The reason why an account needs to be set up is because your account info will also serve as a means where users can contact you through private messages, e-mail (if you choose to reveal it), instant messages, etc. for possible bookings and other work. I also have some other future site developments to begin shortly that will enhance accounts even further.


- Shefik

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