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While I was at work last night at the NBA, I heard from others that if the Orlando Magic did not win that night, their coach, Glenn "Doc" Rivers would be fired. They had lost 9 straight, were just doing horribly this year. In years past, they had never gone beyond the first round of the playoffs, even with one of the top 5 players in the game, T-Mac.

Anyway, as the game came down to the end vs Utah, we all came over to watch . . . in the end, the Magic lost off a shot from a guy who didn't even have his name on his jersey. Someone had heard that the team president was going to come down and personally escort Doc Rivers off the court, but alas that didn't happen. There was no word last night about his future as a coach. . .when I turned the computer on today, guess what i found?

Orlando Magic fire Rivers after 1-10 start

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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your only as good as your record. i kinda feel sorry for rivers, although i think that he is one of the best young coaches out there, overall he did a great job with the magic with limited resources, given that the fuckin' grant hill eats up a chunk of theit cap room, aside from mcgrady the rest of the team has basically been journeymen.

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Originally posted by vicman

thats what a 10 game loosing streak gets you. Doc Rivers has gone bye-bye in Orlando.

someone please make Grant Hill retire. fuckin' a**hole.

My sentiments exactly ! That fucking idiot collecting a big ass check weekly and doing zip cost "Doc" his fucking job. After all these years ever since he left the pistons...with the never-ending-healing injury...just hang it up already. Doc was optimistic his ass would come back and help Tracy win a championship :mad:

I swear the team owner should let his ass fly, and lets see if any team hires his ass..too bad he has this guillontine-scope contract he's dragging around like a gimp.

Sorry, I had to vent, I just think Doc deserved better :(

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