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Welcome home Eddie!!


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Eddie Baez for factory on classics night, if it's true is this his way of repaying Jonathan For taking His Spot on Saturdays way back when.

Was iffy for classics night but now that I get to see Eddie back in the Factory the nostalgia is back, a reason to go to classics!!!!

Wonder if hes gonna hang the banner with his name on it like he used to do back then when he spun?

A lot of current Factory headz wont agree but an OG that was there from the beginning will appreciate the irony of eddie taking JP's place at factory.

ps i am not saying eddie is as good or better than JP dont wanna start drama.

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Originally posted by sprfly

No one has an opinion on Eddie returning to factory, Shocking!!

The chances of me going have doubled.....

would love to catch him tearing it up.....in that place....

And no matter how amazing he is that night...the sad thing is..IMO JP Fans wont give him the credit he will deserve...

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im hearing he's only going to be on for a short period of time, as well as merritt... i was thinking of going for eddie, cuz homeboy used to throw down back in the day.. merritt also, but he plays the same all the time so i can just catch him any random weekend at cheetah..

i think i'll just wait for the big show on the 6th ;)

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