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just saw a philosophic discussion about intimacy in modern times and how the definition changed... pretty interesting!

anyway, without starting to write novels on this, i will just post an interesting and profound things one of the guys there said:

"you could describe intimacy as every small bit of information that goes against or below the image the individual tries to display towards it´s environment"

my translation is terrible :laugh: but i think you´ll get the meaning. food for thought, that really clicked well with me.

an example: not listening to a girl´s words, the outer person she tries to display to you, but listening to her actions and body language that tells you what really goes on... then showing understanding that you know what goes on inside of her, what she really wants. etc.

when you operate on the level of subcommunication, it is hypnotic and so intimate you are already seducing her.

let´s discuss this word and principle, "intimacy"!

what´s your definition of intimacy?

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