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Wu Tang Farewell Tour


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Wu-Tang Clan's RZA is leading the publication of a book on the history of The Wu-Tang Clan. Riverhead Books will release "The Wu-Tang Manual," which will contain autobiographies from each member as well as a lyrical encyclopedia.

"This is basically everything Wu," Riverhead senior editor Sean McDonald told Billboard. "A large chunk will be the whole mythology of the group, explaining not so much how they came up with it, but what it means to them and how everything interconnects."

The group will hit the road for a 60 city tour in the Spring of 2004, to coincide with the release of the paper back book.

The concert has been labeled the group's farewell tour, a notion Raekwon seemed to indirectly confirm in a recent interview.

"With the Clan I learned so much. The clan will always be the clan but at the same time we all got routes that we want to take in life and we kings right now," Rae told AllHipHop.com. "Every king needs his own castle. We can't all be in one castle and try to call shots. Everybody has to have his own destiny and make something positive happen for all of us."

It's a chance to look back and explain what they've been doing all along. No one has actually been able to reveal the way it is all put together in their minds, particularly in RZA's," McDonald said.

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