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big up Cafe Saint-Ex folk like John, Jessica, Mohammed, and that Nev-ill - plus Sacri-folk like Maile and Mr. Todd Mack - for fellowship and thing last sunday brunch. good times. plus they dig on SACRIFORCE TV. they hippotized now.

Tonight and Every The Nuvver Thursday at the Kingpin Bar

917 U Street NW, next door to Velvet, 11pm +, 21+

Yalls main main, the Selector VurrSexy Fitsum come with bloodwar and sexy-dance sound.

Barside find either zesty mains Sharveen or Joel. But ni both; zesty-folk require space, joe.

Excellent Handoff-to-Hammond from Dex Dubious. I'm Hammond.

Whadada - White Folk Fatigue Syndome

Whitefolk, yall turred? Damn niggro vampires sucking all yern energy? Make you wan sip SoCo and chill-out?

More labberish and shmuckery from Dartmouth U. Bust ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3268315.stm )


SACRIFORCE ( http://sacriforce.com )

Hail Satan

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