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Stay on oahu if you want to do the touristy thing. waikiki, the north shore, lanikai beach. Hotels can be expensive bu there are cheap hotels in waikiki if you look hard enough. You can learn to scuba dive or snorkel at haunauma bay, dont know about certs though. If you're looking for naturous adventures spend more time in Maui. Hawaii is incredible, the people are very friendly and laid back, have fun.

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I went to hawaii in sept for a week... best time i've had in awhile.

went to oahu. stayed in honolulu, in wakiki, at maille sky court, good deals, esp if you got a military id.

but there are loads of hotels in wakikiki, the closer you get to the beach, like if your hotel is on the beach or a block away, it's gonna be more, but a few blocks walk, less than 5 mins to the beach, you can find some nice places for a nice price.

lots of activities and things, pretty cheap, they got a lot of combos and deals going on, esp for jetskiing, parasailing and stuff. sky diving's still pretty pricey. and they got scuba diving everywhere. when i went jetskiing, i went to hunama bay or something like that.... you might wanna check out the oahu weekly or monthly booklets they got on the street, there's a lot of stuff you can find of where to go and check out.

the people are really friendly there, really laid back and chill. and any place you go, you can find a happy hour from 3 to like 9 or 10. and they're cheap too.

lots of shopping everywhere if you're into that. malls and stores everywhere. lots of tourist stores of course, but also the high end fashion stores, like louis vuitton and prada, gucci, and all that. and some GOOD vintage stores!

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