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stickin pens...up the pooper!


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Originally posted by dgmodel

i hate pens that twist in the middle... everytime i write with it it goes back in the casing... grrr.. .wtf...

...agreed...i like the cheap ones with the push-down top...so i can flick it up and down as fast as i can to release stress or annoy the fuck out of my coworkers....

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Originally posted by gmccookny

There are these BIC pens that are awesome. Only problem is, i have only found them in Belgium :half:

Everytime i go there, i bring back like fiddy of 'em.

...i could think of some better tings to bring back from belgium than pens...:cool:

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Originally posted by tastyt

I generally prefer pens that have a cap. At work (and at home, since I steal them from work) I use a black "uni-ball."

He he, he he... it says ball.

LOL I don't know why but that last sentence made me laugh:laugh:

I only like the black pens with caps

none of this twisty, clicky nonsense:tongue:

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