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RISE update and a big hooray for Groovefire

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Dear RISE email family,

Thanks for a great re-opening weekend. In many ways it seemed like we never closed. It was great to see so many of you after all this time.

We've been hard at work installing more equipment and our "work in progress" is progressing quite nicely. Those of you who came last week got to experience the "raw" RISE before we brought in the big guns. This week you'll start to see and hear what we have in store. By New Year's Eve it should all be up and running and fine- tuned...


Wednesday, December 31, 2003: 1:00am 'til 7:00am

RISE resident DJ's Richie LaDue upstairs and David McNeary downstairs. Visuals by Kira Wahlstom, Dave Nickerson and the RISE Collective.

A RISE Special Event to benefit Community Servings.

No advance tickets. 1st and 2nd house members: $15, 3rd house members: $10, 4th house members: free, All guests: $25

"ORBIT" fridays at RISE

THIS FRIDAY: 12.05.03 Guest DJ's Groovefire (Boston/NYC/RI) upstairs with Tym Ryan (Boston) downstairs. Visuals by Kira, Dave Nickerson

1:30am until 6:30am members: $10, guests: $15

UP+COMING: (resident Tym Ryan downstairs every friday night) ORBIT friday 12.12.03: Guest DJ Paul Dailey (Boston) ORBIT friday 12.19.03: Resident DJ Steve Porter (NYC) ORBIT friday 12.26.03: Guest DJ Mark Martini (SF)

"STORM" saturdays at RISE

THIS SATURDAY: 12.06.03: Resident DJ's Gilles Massicotte (Montreal) upstairs with David McNeary (Boston) downstairs. Visuals by Kira, Dave Nickerson

1:30am until 6:30am members: $10, guests: $20

UP+COMING: (resident David McNeary downstairs every saturday) STORM saturday 12.13.03: Resident DJ Billy Carroll (NYC) STORM saturday 12.20.03: Resident DJ Chad Jack (NYC) STORM saturday 12.27.03: Resident DJ Joe Gauthreaux (NYC)

"EARTH" sundays at RISE

THIS SUNDAY: 12.07.03 Resident DJ Richie LaDue (Boston) upstairs. Visuals by Kira and the RISE Collective.

1:30am until 6:30am members: $10, guests: $15

Richie LaDue every sunday night upstairs at RISE in December except on sunday December 28 when Guest DJ Tedd Ellison from New Orleans spins at RISE for the first time.

Sponsoring a friend

Many of you have asked what's the best way to go about sponsoring a friend for membership. All you have to do is tell us thru email or by phone who you are sponsoring and how to contact them. We do the rest. Or you can bring them to the club any night as your guest and introduce them to Darrin who will take it from there. We're happy to sign up new members when the club is open.

Membership types and rates are the same as they have been for many years. Here they are for easy reference. There are four houses (or membership types).

FIRST HOUSE (friday and sunday membership only) 1 guest per night = $50./year SECOND HOUSE (the basic anytime membership) 2 guests = $150/year THIRD HOUSE (includes line privileges) 3 guests = $300/ year FOURTH HOUSE (get in free for a year) 4 guests = $750/year 3rd and 4th also get discounted special event prices. $5 or $10 off ticket price. Line privileges means that on the busy nights 3rd and 4th house members and their guests go to the front of the line and get in quicker.


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