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The Storm of Snow & Jerzey Broads Weekend Thread

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Originally posted by groovefire

My predictions for the weekend:

7 inches of snow

Flava pukes

Drew is first to go home

G never shows

Stymie spoons Ras

I lose a lot of money at Foxwoods

Pats 30, Miami 24

Yo that was one fucking night

I was there longer than you and your shirtless buddy last week

its on

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Tonight... Party @ Knights of Columbus, then head to Flavalon...the to Rise, mingle w/ people, tell them I'm xlr8ted from Clubplanet, also tell them I do have other friends, not just ones on the internet, then proceed to feel like a bigger dick than I already am..

Tomorrow, Bumper jumpin back to my car, where ever I decide to park it.. wonder how I got so banged up @ Rise, juggle empty jugs, then check my wallet, then cry.

Sunday...football, maybe post and appology on Club Planet..

That about sums it up, cant wait till tonight. :rolleyes:

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BEST IMS EVER (Not our real AIM names):

Stymie: i dont just tool girls and never talk to them again

Stymie: im not a dick dude

Groovefire: hahahaha

Stymie: im serious

Groovefire: i know, thats the funniest part

Stymie: whys that funny?

Groovefire: AHAHAHA

Groovefire: i'm saving this IM

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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fri- sit outside and try to catch all the snowflakes before they hit the ground

Sat-Try to get my sickmassive snowblower running. After that shovel all the snow while my snowblower watches and laughs.

Sun-watch harrison lay the smack down on guys with dreadlocks

Pats 21 fish 20

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