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Whos the hottest CLUBPLANET girl?

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Originally posted by 511w28thst


i hope i'm not the only person that is gonna answer this.. i haven't seen many pics of girls but xxrachel1x or whatever her screenname is, is definitely a cutie... so she has my vote.. even though my partying days are done i am still attracted to ravergirls

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Originally posted by joevibe

linabina is my girl...... and yes.. she is definitely a hottie.

you one of her jersey girls???

do I know you?

Nope bro, I'm not one of her Jerz girls...not even a girl. :) This past fall I got through Jerz a lot for business. Stumbled across her at the Groove Lounge a few times. She's a sweetheart and a hottie...she gets my vote! :)

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