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Dragon: A Bruce Lee Story...

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this movie is not accurate at all. some things are accurate but most things are either just made up for mixed together for dramatic flow. for example when he broke his back it happened while he was doing "good morning" excercises for his back with too much weight. in the movie they show it happening during a fight with some guy at a karate expo. he fought at the karate expo and won in less than 60 seconds but it was not the same guy who challenged him for teaching the art to westerners and he did not break his back. also his wife did not do most of the work on his book like the movie shows. he had most of the notes for the book collected over his life and put it toghether when he was in the hospital. they dont show him dying with his female "friend" possibly of poison or an overdose of drugs. the fact that kung fu the tv show was supposed to be about him is true. i could tell you alot more but my fingers are getting tired...

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