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X'ESS :: The best of both worlds in three days!

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X'ESS...the best of both worlds in three days...hip hop and house!!

Thursday, December 11th, 2003

X'ESS Entertainment and GinSeng Present:


Live performance and Exclusive DJ Set

along w/

Jon Huang

Terry Hunter


Vince Adams

Mark Fullaflava

Doors open at 9pm

21 +

Red No five

440 North Halsted

Chicago, IL


Friday, December 12th, 2003

x'ess entertainment and zentra nightclub present:

X'ESS Fridays @ Zentra

The best Hip Hop and House night in the city!


Joe Claussell

In the last five years, there has been the emergence of a new sound in dance music, one that places more emphasis on Latin, African and jazz elements than straight 4/4 beats. This global dance movement can in many ways be traced to Joe Claussell, perhaps the most significant figure to arrive on the scene since the Masters at Work. As a DJ, record store owner, label executive and artist he's been intricately involved with all aspects of music, giving him a unique perspective that's allowed him to avoid the pitfalls of so many pioneers.

Julius "The Mad Thinker"

Through his 6 years of blessing the turntables, Julius has built an impressive track record. Not only does he provide the entertainment, he is a co-founder and Partner of 3° Global, a friends network for the unification of Chicago nightlife. He is one of the six resident dj's of 3° Ultra Lounge and the Some Call It House…We Call It Home tour. Julius "the Mad Thinker" plays records strictly from his heart, and awaits the day he can play all seven continents to ensure his music is a universal language.


Sativa (hip hop)

s&ld resident dj

Chris Santiago & Jon Huang

x'ess resident djs

Dave Brinkman

x'ess visual artist

Lights by: Vitto

X'ESS Hosted Vodka Cocktail Reception from 9 - 10pm!

In the VIP Lounge's New DJ Booth


Allen Wright Jr

Juamada Fields

Zac Jones


Saturday, December 13th, 2003

X'ESS Entertainment presents:

Hot and Spicy @ Big Wig

Justin Long

Justin Long has been blowing up the house scene the past couple months with his releases on Peaches, Igloo, and many more with his collaboration with Dan X. You can also hear him on one of Chicago's prestigous electronic mix shows; Sonic Boom!

Rick Garcia

This Chicago native has been making quality house tracks for a few years now. Owner of the quality house label Grassroots.

Frank Solano

Big Wig Nightclub

1551 W. Division

Chicago, IL


Guest list for all events are available at:


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