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I think this is a very difficult question you are asking....

it all depends what style you are looking for, what IS YOUR style, what will you wear with it...what you need it for (daily, going out, evening events??)...I mean, I am a guy and I know that buying a bag, shoes or accessories is harder than getting a dress or a shirt :spin:

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Originally posted by sexxichikk

price rang $100-300 i guess

everyday bag, not too big not too small

hope that helps :D

luvle is right coach has all sizes and colors.....also u can get kate spade they go from plain classic black ones to some really cute funky colors but the shape is very basic rectangular.........i have a diesel bowling type bag for everyday but if i had more $$$ id prolly get a LV speedy...........u really do have to shop around :)

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