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Iraq Fatalities - Websites

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I've just been doing some clicking, and I've found sources for seemingly reliable numbers on fatalities in iraq, and some other interesting tid bits.

Reported Civilian Deaths:

minimum - 7935

maximum - 9766

and over 20,000 injured



Coalition Deaths from http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

US: 446

UK: 53

Other: 32

Total US Wounded: 2526


see now this is where the numbers may get subtly manipulated by the media by saying:

Total Fatalities since May 1st: 307

March 20th through May 1st: 139

Hostile US Fatalities Since May 1st: 195

Hostile Fatalities Since May 1st: 235

US deaths since July 2nd: 241

(Pres. Bush announces, "Bring Them On")

so you can see that those numbers all diff from 446, or, shit, over 500 as it would be with all them totted up.


appears to be a good site - where the pics are from - and has a few good links.

war is fucked up.

but naturally we try to play this down, or reveal in its beauty, I enjoy explosions, gunfire, fragging and shooting in games, in movies as much as the next person. but shit. when I see stuff like that top pic, I realise I ain't still ain't seen shit, even with all the pictures of bodies piled up in nazi germany, rwanda wherever they might be. I think I'm desensatised, then shit comes up that shocks me once again.

can you guys in america tell me if you ever see the iraqi victims of the war? and how much you see of the injured or killed US troops, be it coffins or bodybags, funerals or families.

I'm curious.

liberators, occupiers, victims, perpetrators - whose game are they in, and what gives the players a right to decide over life and death...??? fuck all besides money it seems...

hands-up who can tell me how many relatives of US senators or congressmen there are in Iraq?

I'm pretty damn sure that you could count this number on one hand, but I'm up for being corrected on this one.

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